Coffee Houseplant Trouble

cobalt87September 18, 2012

I have a coffee tree that I am growing as a houseplant. During the summer months, it it's leaves started turning brown and falling off. Also, there are white puffs on the nodules of the branches. It is in a room with bright light and average humidity. I was watering it once a week in the summer (drenched it). I tried a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water and hasn't helped at all. I have also increased watering to everyday and that doesn't seem to affect it. I may have tried a 50/50 mixture with some ivory soap when I first had the problem. However, it came back. Maybe I should try the soap again? What do you think is going on. Thanks in advance.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

You maybe better off to ask this in Tropical plant forum.
Its normal for some leaves fall off trunk plant if growing young plant. White ooze I don't have clue.

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Please post a photo, so we can see what is the issue.

Also where do you live, do you know what variety of coffee it is, etc.

I live in Guatemala, producer of the finest coffee in the world; I have a lot of friends who are coffee growers and will know in a minute what is the problem.

I have 4 tropical gardens for which I have responsibility and every one has coffee trees; they are beautiful and really quite easy to care for.

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Probably spidermites or mealybugs. Try and get a bottle of "Safers soap". That stuff is pretty good, and isnt extremely toxic to us (its basically oilly dish soap)

Again, a pic will help. ID also stop watering it everyday. Once a week is good

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