SWD love tequila!

NilaJones(7b)September 19, 2013

So, my next door neighbors (college students) were moving out, and had a bunch of giveaway stuff out at the curb, including a couple of tequila bottles with about half a cup left in the bottom of each. I'm not a drinker, but tequila smells good and I thought I might use it in cooking, so I took them.

Philistine that I am, I combined the remnants of both bottles in a an old salsa jar to stick on my panty shelf. And who should appear out of nowhere in my kitchen when I was pouring, but an SWD? Looking VERY interested.

So I baited one of my traps with tequila, and the other 4 with the usual ACV. That one trap caught more flies in the next week than the other 4 combined!

It seems you catch more flies with cheap tequila than you do with nice organic vinegar. As my mama always told me :).

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Thanks for posting this note on Gardenweb. Here in Madison, I am seeing spotted wing drosophilia on our raspberries for the first time. They showed up in late August. As the weather cools, there seem to be fewer flies, but they can still be found. If I can't find a way to slow them down, I might have to pull up the raspberry bed.

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I just eat the raspberries with the bugs in them. They don't taste bad. I expect the SWD call me the Killer of Children.

However, I find that if I can catch a berry on the exact DAY it becomes ripe, it is maggot-free. Often with a lady SWD who flies off it when I pick it. The next day, poof, it is mush if not already picked and eaten.

This works ok for grazing in the garden, but not for freezing and making jam, etc.

You might try wrapping your plants in the spring, with tulle or no see em netting.

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