Advise on planting fruit trees

elia12978September 13, 2013

Hello, This fall I'm going to plant about 14 fruit trees on the edge of my yard. The position they are going to be in will not allow any sun exposure on the north sides of the trees. The way my yard is positioned the sun travels basically parallel with the trees giving sun on the west,south and east sides of the trees. the north sides of my trees wont get any light once the trees get fuller and have a lot of leaves.

Should I completely prune back all of the north sides of all my fruit trees? Basically creating like a 3/4 round tree. Any advice would be helpful. I included a cheesy little drawing I made with my sons crayons so it can give you some idea of what I'm up against

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The north side of trees is always short of direct light in the northern hemisphere. It shouldn't be a big problem. I wouldn't prune away the limbs because this might overbalance the trees to the south, particularly if they're dwarf trees.

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