Black Oxford

applenut_gwSeptember 28, 2013

And finally Black Oxford (Orange Oxford in our climate, they never color up well, as opposed to King David which turns almost black when ripe).

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Applenut, have you try to thin them out for one per cluster to see how big they get? Tony F.

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Alas, this is at a preschool and I'm afraid the trees don't get a lot of love. I get by around twice a year but don't have time to thin the whole orchard. The kids weed it but none of the teachers have the nerve to thin, I keep telling them they'll get better fruit by it.

All the varieties are high-chill despite us only having about 250 chilling hours. The result is lots of blind wood but heavy crops; the trees won't get much bigger than this because of it and we've tightened up the spacing on them. The low-chill trees like Anna and Dorsett Golden do get big and we have to have them off by themselves.

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