Whats your favorite "nicest looking" prunus tree

mattpfSeptember 10, 2012

Just like to start a friendly thread to get to know some of you guys .

Thought it be neat to hear about what prunus trees you all think are nicest looking tree.not nessesarly the fruit it self but the look of the tree.

Mine dawarf peach

And with fruit Italian plum love the look of the blue plums so beautiful

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I also like european plum. The neighbor has one thats over 20 years old, and has it trimmed in a 3 branched open center.

I also like the natural shape of the EVans cherry (prunus cerasus)

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I have to say that Kristin cherry is a beautiful tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kristin

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My wife and I both love the bark on Italian Prunes- something about the way light wraps itself around it so gracefully.

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There are some gorgeous huge old apricot trees here that I just love. They have a nice shape, handsome dark fissured bark, and those pleasing green leaves with reddish petioles. In bloom they're of course a fantastic sight for tired winter eyes.

Mature genetic dwarf peach/nectarine trees are quite something in and out of bloom, but a new favorite of mine is the almond. I just found some growing nearby that actually produced a good crop this year. Unfortunately the squirrels got to the almonds in a hurry...

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Yah I seen an almond tree at my local nursery.so amazed they can grow in cold climates like mine.

And you prunus domestica blue European plum fans what's the coldest climate you've grown or seen them grown in and produce?
I have two newly planted this year.they are rated zone 3 by the nursery but online says 4-5? I'm a cold zone 4 winters vary so much. Last winter we had was like a zone 7 winter .

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

Montmorency pie cherry is absolutely gorgeous when in fruit.
John S

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alan haigh

Damson plums hold their purple fruit for a very long period and the color of the fruit against the dark green foliage is beautiful. The fruit forms in great clusters.

The natural shape of the tree is upright, which to my eye isn't wonderful, but training can change that.

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Is a damson pretty much the same as an Italian plum

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alan haigh

No, Damsons are a high acid cooking plum. Dead ripe they have enough sugar to be enjoyable but their small size and thick skin would disqualify them as a worthy eat-off-the-tree favorite. They are the smallest plum I know of and they make excellent preserves.

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