Why are raspberries fruiting again?

vickima(z5 MA)September 30, 2007

I planted raspberry canes (varieties Taylor and Prelude, not everbearing) from Nourse Farms in spring 2006. We had a pretty good crop this year, but fruiting ended by early August. Now some of the Prelude canes are fruiting - I didn't think they were supposed to do this. Since I'm new to raspberries this has thrown me for a loop. I was planning to prune out the fruited canes later this fall and thin the row in the spring. Are the canes that are fruiting now done for, so they should be pruned out? I guess these plants don't read the same books I do about how they are supposed to grow!

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Sometimes black raspberries fruit a bit on the new canes. I suppose your Preludes are doing the same. Leave those new fruiting canes for next year.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Vicki, my Preludes do the same thing. In fact with all the late berries I had forgotten they were not a fall berry and so I cut them to the ground last winter, and they are producing a huge fall crop this year. I used to have some Taylors and they never did that.


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vickima(z5 MA)

Thanks for your comments, which led me to do some more searching specifically on Prelude, and sure enough Scott, you and I are not alone. I even found this from a Nourse Farms newsletter about how to prune this particular variety:

"Because of the increase in popularity of Prelude, we are repeating the discussion on pruning Prelude for the best yields for the summer crop. During the winter or early spring, prune the canes back to about chest height (about 4 ½ feet). This pruning will cause multiple fruiting laterals or additional cane development from the top auxiliary buds. This pruning also removes the primocane wood that produced fruit the fall before and the multiple cane branching that results in increased fruit production for the coming summer crop."

This is neat! I feel like I got a little extra bonus with this variety - and they taste good too.

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