Goldrush Apple

justjohn(8 AR/LA Stateline)September 11, 2013

Have any of you picked an apple from your goldrush tree? I ate a green one a couple weeks ago and it tasted like a mild Granny Smith. Today I tasted a fresh picked apple and it was nothing like the the one before. It was very sweet with a little acid taste. This is the first year it made apples, and was hand pollinated. I am very satisfied with the results. I never thought I could grow a great tasting apple with grocery store size. The only problem I have is the rusty brown discoloration on the skin. But, a little soap and water and some scrubbing brought out it's beauty. I look forward to tasting my younger trees apples, Jonafree, Braeburn, Granny Smith, and Fuji.

I hope you all had fun and were rewarded well from your labor. Looking forward to next spring.

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I love the Goldrush apple. Mine aren't ready yet. Probably a couple more weeks to go. I am in central NC.
It is a very popular apple at the Raleigh, NC farmer's market. Nearly every orchard vendor has them for sale.

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I've been growing it for 6 years and can never get any to full ripeness because the squirrels always beat me to them. I've even tried netting the tree, but to no avail.

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Does anyone else find the texture of goldrush undesirable (for a fresh eating apple)?

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