Did I plant my artic kiwi to close to the house?

prachi(6b (NJ))September 26, 2012

Hello this is my first post I've been lurking for a while but after reading several posts on hardy kiwis I am starting to get nervous...so I gotta ask... ok here goes...

I have 3 hardy kiwis (a male and a female that I bought from burpee and a anna kiwi that I bought from local nursery). I planted them (only a few weeks ago so technically not to late to move them) near my fireplace and I was planning to set up a trellis system as they started to take off and train them (since I understood when I bought them that they really grow aggressively)... my concern is the roots... I have planted them about a foot from my house. Should I be concerned that they will grown into my foundation?


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Most roots would rather go twards loose, free soil, towards water then foundation. That even goes for trees..

However, if your foundation has cracks and what not where water seeps in, you may get some roots into the foundation. That would be more likely for trees or plants with adventurous roots.

I havnt found too much info about Kiwi root systems, but I do believe they are quite substantial, but more fiberous roots, rather then solid roots like trees. People plant wisteria near their foundations for a long time, and IIR, the root systems on wisteria are massive and quite woody. The same goes with grapes..

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i dont know about the roots but arctics are a lot slower growing than hardy kiwi. i have a couple arctics near my foundation, just hoping i wont have any issues

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prachi(6b (NJ))

Thanks canadianplant... this is helpful... my soil is very sandy (I've been amending it with compost for the kiwis) and my foundation has no cracks so I feel better about this.

I had seen several pictures where people have planted it close to the house so I didn't think too much aboutit.


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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I don't remember where I read this but I read a post that someone had planted fig (I think) near the fireplace and the heat caused the plant to break dormancy too early and was killed off every year until it sent out a runner about 3 feet from the fireplace and it has been fine since. I guess it depends if you use the fireplace and how much heat it puts out.

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prachi(6b (NJ))

Ohh thats no problem milehighgirl... we never use our fireplace :)

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