Pomegranate variety ID???

0x0is0(9)September 19, 2013

Need some help with the name variety of this pomegranate. Is it possible to ID? Plants with no name drive me crazy.

I usually pick them like this or else they will split later. The pom never gets really red like the nice pictures I see on the internet. Usually the skin is light yellow with pinkish blush.

Pom grower/lover, can you help me with this name variety?

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2nd shot:

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3rd shot:

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If you're sure it is a named cultivar, your best bet might be matching it to the descriptions in a list of cultivars such as that found in the book "Cornucopia". This is only possible because there are relatively few varieties of pomegranate available in this country...

As a start, the varieties 'sweet', 'phoenicia', 'green globe', and 'cloud' all have mostly or partially green skin when ripe.

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flatwoods_farm(9A Riverview, F)

Actually, there are over 200 varieties available recently. Skin color varies with ripeness, cultivar, growing zone, etc. Do you know the age of the tree? Did you purchase it? Do you have any other fruit trees, even other poms?

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Mine grown x seed x a store-bought 'pome.They are now nearly 50 years old/ freezes some years to the ground but always grows back & fruits in my zone 7 @ 5200 ft.! Never had any problems with disease... just local children waiting for them to ripen! Your pics resemble mine... not as all-over red as store bought either. What is the usual variety we buy in the stores? They are not all that red skin either. At $2 a piece in the grocery ...,. I will pamper mine: 'free for the picking'. The blooms come on over a long period in summer but am amazed at how they ALL get the same size & ripen at the same time in the Fall?!

Bet yours really taste great?!

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