Nectarine Curled Leaves

Flyers9715September 18, 2011

Hi, sorry if this question has been answered before. Based on my description I could not find a definitive answer. I have 2 Mayglo Nectarine trees which I bought in clearance due to their aesthetics. One has a iron or nitrogen deficiency so I fertilized when I got them home. I also gave them a spray of neem oil due to curling and red blotches I noticed. Well the last day or so, it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully these pictures can help identify my tree's illness. Also, my apologies for posting this incorrectly in the citrus forum first.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'm not sure what is wrong with your trees if anything. They do look nitrogen deficient but that is easily cured. I'd say plant them and they'll likely look much better once they get established. Foliar issues are usually not a big deal this time of year because the leaves will fall soon anyhow.

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