Muscadine vines not producing

lbrunswiSeptember 6, 2009

We have muscadine vines that grew out of control for several years. I pruned a few of them almost 2 years ago. They have not produced any fruit since. I did prune them heavily, but not all the way to the main stalk. Any suggestions?

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

2 things to bear in mind: one is that most muscadines are either male or female, so you'd need at least one of each performing their duties to have fruit; second is that muscadines bear fruit only on current year's growth that sprouted from last year's growth -- but if the last time you pruned was two years ago that shouldn't be an issue until there was dieback from other causes.

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If they are wild, they might be males. You can easily tell at bloom. A male flower will be staminate, and the female will be pistillate.
Here is a photo of a male flower

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Many newer muscadine selections are self fertile. They will also pollinate females. I have never seen a male vine for sale, though they must have been long ago.

Seedlings in the wild or from old selections are males in 3 out of 4 I believe.

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If I had that problem, I would have my county agent out for a glass of Ice Tea & a look see.
Please get back with us, when you find the problem.
SORRY I was not more help.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

gonebananas did that 3/4 number come from some where semi-official, or just someone complaining? If you crunch the numbers it would seem that a wild grape at 1:1 would out compete the 3:1 grape in a few dozen generations. Although with some chromosomal situations it is possible for something like 3:1 to take and hold an advantage.

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I think I read it in the elder Mr. Ison's (horticulturist, not scientist) descriptions of Dr. Fry's (scientist) later research efforts after retirement, which were done at Ison's nursery. This would have been read on paper. A quick Google and Google Scholar search just now couldn't confirm it (too much is on breeding for perfect flowers and too much is at subscription sites).

I'll keep looking now and then.

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I had a smilar issue as "Ibruswi". I have 2 muscadine vines that I never bothered to prune, however, for the last 8 years, they produced more than enough fruites for me and give some away. Last spring I pruned them similar to what "Ibruswi" did, and I didn't get any fruits.

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