What are you planting during the 2014 bare root season?

itheweathermanSeptember 14, 2013

I'll be planting two sweet treat pluerries, a pluot, and possibly a tri-lite peach-plum---is this peachplum worth the trouble growing it?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Is Sweet Treat worth the trouble? My opinion after one light crop is no. I've not tried tri-lite but have never heard any good reviews.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Carrie and Pickering mango and 10 Raven blueberries (I hope) and 10 Tupi Blackberries (I hope).....think that will be my only additions.

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Flavor Grenade Pluot- the one I planted last year died
Dapple Supreme Pluot- I'm a sucker for new varieties
Atomic Red Nectarine- " " " " "
September Snow Saucer/donut peach- I ate one at a Burchell nursery fruit tasting last week and it was excellent.

Burchell also had a pluot that's coming out in 2015 that was off the charts delicious.

I have a tri -lite, I love them. They taste like a peach when you first bite into them, then have a plum taste at the finish.

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2 Calville Blanc d'hiver apples

1 Reines de Ananas apple

1 Arborose Apple

1 Tomcot apricot

What have you all done to me? I was going to have a small, charming, rectangular orchard (8 fruit trees only) surround my rose garden. I now will have 30 fruit trees with my rose garden as a 'dot' in the center of my orchard. I need a trip to fruit trees anonymous. Thanks for all of your ideas and enouragement. I'll send you buckets of fruit next year! Mrs. G

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I wanted to get an Arctic Jay nectarine but I don't have no more room, unless I pull out that loser variety of plum---santa rosa.

Steve357, is the flesh (trilite peachplum) white or red?

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I've concluded I have [more than] enough fruit and all the good spaces are used up. No more.

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The Tri-lite has white flesh. The fruit on mine has the look and fuzz of a peach, but is smaller in size like a plum.

I planted an Arctic Jay nect. last year. It produced a couple fruit this year, and they were amazing!!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

"I pledge to plant no new varieties this coming year."

... So he says every fall. I think I may come closer this year than usual, I need to give some things more room so in the free spots will mostly go things from other spots.

I am planting a few more Newberries and some of the new Arkansas blackberry this fall.


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At this point mowing around thirty trees is huge job. I never thought I'd think of mulching my entire orchard. Scott. . . If you stick to your guns on no new varieties for next year. I'll try for the following year. Until. . . there is that new Chinese peach eh? Mrs. G

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"What have you all done to me?"
Mrs.G - your only hope is to destroy your computer to prevent access to this forum and online nurseries, and have your mailman confiscate any printed catalogs as well. :)
Well, there are worse addictions!

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Just bought and planted 3 new blueberries half-off at a local nursery-they were in 3gallon pots and bigger than my plants I put in as bare roots in 2011.
My wish list for next season includes 3 peaches (probably Blazingstar, July Rose, and either PF28-000 or AutumnStar), a white nectarine (?Emeraude), 2 more apples-thinking primarily of disease resistant cultivars, 1-2 pluots (?Dapple Dandy and Flavor King), another pear likely Harrow Sweet, and I'd like another gage plum or 2 to extend the season before and after my Green Gage plum, might include Oullins. I would also like to add Asian pears but my wife is not really a fan of them. Going to hold off on more brambles even though my beds need replaced, till I see what happens with SWD-I have not seen them here yet.

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I placed an order for one Flavor king pluot, today.

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Dave Wilson Nursery is releasing two varieties this year, Atomic red nectarine and dapple supreme pluot.

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Here is additional info regarding dapple supreme pluot,

"Pollenizer info for Dapple Supreme is being researched. DS is an early to early midseason bloomer, overlapping with the following varieties this year at Hickman.

Approximate beginning of bloom in 2013 at Hickman, CA:

2-18 Flavorosa Pluotî
2-19 Hollywood plum
2-20 Catalina plum

2-21 Dapple Supreme Pluotî

2-22 Emerald Drop Pluotî
2-24 Dapple Dandy Pluotî
2-24 Flavor Supreme Pluotî
2-24 Mariposa plum
2-25 Flavor Queen Pluotî
2-26 Burgundy plum

Some of these should prove to be pollenizers for Dapple Supreme.

Craig "

Source: Dave Wilson Nursery forums: Dapple supreme pluot.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Ordered several of the newer Prince series peaches for the first time.

Also ordered some new and old nects offered by Adams County - Carene, Nectafest, Avalon, Silver Gem, Summer Beaut.

Several new summer bud grafts that I plan to move and plant next spring.

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Uncle! I love all of your input, comments, suggestions and remedies. I've decided to become a reader and commenter instead of buyer, unless the tree is totally irresistable. Thanks for all of your help, Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I have to move in 3 to 5 years. My kids are gone, and it doesn't make sense to have all this room. It's costing too much to manage. But that just so bums me out. I want to add more items, but I'm going to lose them soon! Plus I'm not getting any younger! So only experiments to see if I can grow some weird plant here. I'm still adding two trees anyway.
The good news is the wife is ok with finding property that will allow me to plant as many trees as I want.
More good news is I actually prefer berries. And in 5 months you can have hundreds of them.
I actually may dig out the trees and move them. I would consider grafting but chances of finding property that works, and has fruit trees I can graft unto is slim to none.
I had a magnolia tree that has come down 2 years in a row with fungal problems
, so I dug it up a few days ago and ordered a Weeping Santa Rosa plum to replace it. Ornamental and edible, that works for me.
Old Mixon Free peach was also purchased. I should probably grow it in a pot to for sure take it with me, but I will put it in the ground. I may not be able to buy this again, so I would hate to lose it.

I would like to add some figs, filberts and persimmon trees, but it really makes no sense to do so. Also some blueberries, but I decided not to add these till after the move,

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megamav(5a - NY)

Transplanting black raspberries next weekend.
Grafting a bird cherry tree to a Montmorency tart cherry in the spring.
Spring 2015 i'll be grafting Golden Nugget, Pomme Gris, and Ross Nonpareil apples.

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I am planting two thornless blackberry plants (Apache and natchez) and an angel red pomegranite. I have implemented an edible landscape plan and am running out of room. Squirrels and birds are putting a damper on fruit production. They are taking more than their share. My next plan is to force these pests into a produce sharing agreement through a bit of waterboarding and some strategically-placed motion sensors connected to a water hose. My wife said my plan was terrible and she started negotiating on the side of the squirrels. I feel outnumbered and the crows are laughing. I think the squirrels are snickering too.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Tell the wife how great a companion a dog would make! Then send the dog to the academy of ninja squirrel chasing.
I took the netting and fencing down, no need with Jesse the wonder dog. He's on patrol as I type this.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I decided to give the space reserved for kolomikta kiwi to grapes. This is what I ordered from AA Vineyards:


From Cummins:

Hawaii Apple
Eden Peach

From JF&E
Smith's Best
Great Wall persimmons

I got some strawberry starts from GRIN:)

I will also try to get scion to graft onto pawpaw and mulberry rootstocks.

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My yard is full so the best chance for me to buy something new is if something dies this fall - so far, everyone looks healthy and happy.

I do hope to pick up a few more Serviceberries to fill out a short row of them, and maybe one more Asian Pear and NorthStar Cherry. Other than that I have to move a lot of stuff around to get it out of the blazing hot sun or into the blazing hot sun.

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I plan on adding a few more pear, apple, and plum trees to my place. My problem is getting a spot I can get water to them right now since we ar estill in a drought and I am only there on the weekends. Once I get them established they do fine without watering constantly. I still need to look and decide which ones exactly I want to add.

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brotherjake(5A UT)

In the nursery this year I had the chance to taste a Spice Zee nectaplum. It was about the size of a half dollar (coin) and tasted nearly as good as Arctic Jay. This was a tree in a pot mind you. They will get bigger and likely better. Anyone considering an Arctic Jay (excellent piece of fruit) might also consider the Spice Zee. Great fruit and beautiful tree. I will let mine (2 years old) ripen a few fruit this year. It is supposedly high chill adaptable as well.

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No new bare root fruit trees this year, My fruit harvest schedule is pretty well set. I'm busy trialing four new garlic varieties at the moment, and experimenting with Organic Winter tomatoes in EarthBoxes.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'm planting a gazillion wine grapes. And a few figs. Not into pluots or apricots or......... But I will purchase an Anna Apple and a couple Avocados!! Yum!!

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jagchaser(5A NE, -15-115f may frost)

Milehigh, I can get you some mulberry scion, white or black. Or if you are going to Iowa anytime you can stop and cut your own on my place at North Platte.

I am planting
100 Montmorency cherry
3 Stanley plum
3 president plum
3 autumn gala
3 gale gala
3 honeycrisp
2 green gage plum
3 stardust sweet cherry
3 hedelfingen sweet cherry
from ACN

1 flavor king pluot
1 flavor supreme pluot
1 artic glo white nectarine
1 Utah giant sweet cherry
1 craigs crimson sweet cherry
1 sweet treat pluerry
1 Satsuma plum
1 harcot apricot
1 stella cherry
1 rainier cherry
From PV all dwarf to be planted in 15 gal pots

10 Enterprise apple
10 Empire apple
10 Granny smith
10 Freedom
10 rogers red mac
From Stark

I think that is all I have on order? :O

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Plan to plant a pair of persimmons.

Also going to plant a row of apple trees, although I'm not sure what to order yet. Haven't decided on varieties.

Also need to replace two small peach trees that got ringed by the voles this month. Really need to get some guards out for the other 3.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a


100 Montmorency cherry? That's a lot!! It's a great cherry no doubt! I myself want to try some of the newer ones like Balaton, Danube,Jublieum, and Surefire.

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Some minor planting, mostly replacements. A Williams Pride apple to replace an apple that voles/gophers killed, a replacement Black Ice plum. And although I probably should have learned by now, I am going to try a Reliance peach in a sheltered location (these never have lived in the past, but maybe things are warmer now).

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Voyage034(USDA 10a Sunset 23)

Pallas and Hermosa Peaches
Arborose Apple
Cristobalina Cherry
Venus Grapes
3 in 1 Asian Pear

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jagchaser(5A NE, -15-115f may frost)

Drew, I decided to go big on them or go home. Im in a really windy, really dry climate here. 108-110 in the summer, 15-20 below zero for the winters, and early frosts. I don't want to think about big mortality, but I cant ignore the obvious drawbacks to my area. Im hoping that if 1/2 of my trees survive and 1/2 of those produce each year that I will still have enough to make all the wine I could imagine. Cherry wine is my wifes favorite and Montmorency are the only kind I have seen that survive out here.

I already planted 10 meteor and 10 balatons, 10 liberty, 10 reliance, and 10 redhaven this fall. Hopefully this cold spell (-13f) didn't hit them too hard. I don't think we got quite the cold snap the upper Midwest got so I might be ok.

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I have the cherries Danube and Surefire, and they might fruit this year (they look ok, even after 2 days of -20F).

I've ordered the peaches Blazingstar and PF-24C, to replace my sad, diseased McKay (WI Balmer). Raised mounds for the new peaches, though. I have a tiny seedling from a white peach in Madison, WI. It seems to have survived the cold snap, too.

My plum Mount Royal grew so happily this past year, I've ordered a Superior plum. I'd like to graft on a few more varieties, but I need more practice.

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Jagchaser, I only have one Montmorency, but it is a favorite of mine too. I would plant many if I had the room. In my orchard which has a back line up of huge swamp elms, it gets afternoon shade which isn't good. I'm sure that is why I don't get more cherries! Good for you, you've taken on a lot and it will be great! Mrs. G

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In addition to the trees I am adding this year I will be adding some berry plants. I am getting some that Texas A&M developed years ago that are a cross between a blackberry and a dewberry. They grow really big berries but the thorns are really thick. You almost need gloves to pick them. I want to plant them on my fence lines around my pasture and let them grow wild. What I don't need I will let the wildlife eat. They also make a great barrier to help keep the cows from trying to get out.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'm planting a few rare fig trees in-ground that are currently in pots and dormant. THEN, just got 2 Veteran's Honor bare root roses! If you want a beautiful rose, that is the one!!


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I have ordered my first ever fruit trees (from Peaceful valley):
Redhaven peach
Q-1-8 peach
Chinese apricot
Harcot apricot

I still might order and plant some bareroot fruiting trees/shrubs: currants, grapes, mulberries, serviceberries, viburnums.

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This year I ordered a Southern Heirloom collection of apple trees from Trees of Antiquity: King David, Stayman's Winesap, Grime's Golden, Arkansas Black, Black Twig, & Victoria Limbertwig. I also ordered 2 crabapples (mostly to pollinate the apples) from Century Farms Orchard as well as 2 figs from them: violette and Italian Golden Honey.

The Apples r going to b in a raised high density planting, 4 to bed. The apples I planted last year like this r doing very well! Still too young to fruit tho. Maybe next year... ;)

I'm still looking for pears tho anyone make some recommendations?

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Desert dance, thanks for the rose recommendation! I do have a soft spot for red roses.

Centexgardengirl, edible landscaping (the VA based one) has some pears that might do well in the south. Shanendoah comes to mind. I don't have it, I think my growing season isn't long enough in WI to ripen it.

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Thanks Fruitmaven! I'll check it out. Do u know what it tastes like?

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"I'm still looking for pears tho anyone make some recommendations? "

Look at Legg Creek Farms. They are located in Texas and specialize in trees that do well here.

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