late ripening Peach

curtis(5)September 8, 2013

I bought a peach tree from a local nursery in 2010. It was said to be Reliance (and they recommended it). But I assume not, since I am in zone 5 near Omaha NE and the peaches still aren't ripe. I think they will be next week (about sept 15). It is a yellow flesh free stone, I don't remember the bloom color.

Anyone know what variety it is likely to be?

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alan haigh

The only peach in my orchard not quite ripe is Encore, probably the most common eastern late peach. It is also a tasty one here when Sept has lots of clear, warm days. Very valuable to me as late Sept peaches of high quality are a real pleasure.

Ask where your nursery gets their trees, if it is from Starks it is probably Encore.

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Just picked the last of my Encore peaches this AM, is also my last peach of the season. They are decent, but never quite as good as my peaches from August in flavor.

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I have been reading about Encore and I do think that is correct. Hopefully ready this weekend. I pick up the ones that fall and test taste them, they are getting better every day or two and nice large peaches.

I have grafted several Redhaven buds onto this tree to get a double crop in the future.

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alan haigh

I think the nursery did you a favor. I don't believe Reliance is a very useful peach- its fruit buds may be a degree or two hardier but that doesn't make it a more useful peach from a practical perspective. I don't believe it is more survival hardy to cold (that it has vegetative buds that are more hardy) and the odds of temps being cold enough to kill other peach blossoms but not Reliance are slim indeed. When we've had severe winters reliance was as barren as other peaches.

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