Question about Blackberry Soil?

KendraSchmidtSeptember 2, 2012

I have a border that has builder's sand and rocks along it. I would like to dig up part of it to plant Blackberry Vines.

I've acquired cow manure, sand for gardening, ashes, and peat moss. I would like to use some of this to REPLACE the builder's sand and rocks to prepare the space for a planting next year (I've read that I have to wait a year before planting the vines).

Can someone PLEASE advise me as to:

1) What is the best mixture for the Blackberry Vines using the items I mentioned in the earlier paragraph?

2) Is it okay for me to replace the builder's sand and rocks with cow manure and the other items I mentioned? I won't have access to compost for some time and I don't have a neighbor who has it and I don't have a store that has it.

I've been told I have to first test the pH, but I want to remove what's there right now and replace it...So if someone could PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE suggest the perfect soil recipe for these Blackberry Vines, I'd really appreciate it. I'm in Zone 8a, if that's helpful.

Thanks so much folks.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Go heavy with cow manure and sand if go real heavy you have rise in sand ph. I stay away from moss not needed. A liquid iron in small amount be needed. A lot cow it hold water better its mostly organ matter fertilizer with 10-10-10 complete fertilizer has all metals needed for plants. Blackberry plants heavy feeder.
Cow manure low in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash 1-1-1 so use a lot your sand color should be soil black that way look as good soil for blackberries black sand. Chicken manure 3-3-3 make even better mix with sand fresh is best chick are cow if smell nasty its good if no smell its organic matter no value feed berry plants.

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That's right, don't use the peat moss. The ashes won't help much, either.

Sandy soil might be hard to keep watered properly. See if you can get ahold of some ordinary soil, that should be half of your mixture.

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Gator Rider, thanks for your follow up. I had a really hard time understanding some of the sentences. Is there anyone out there who can please help by clarifying?

Also, general question to everyone: How far down do I have to dig? To replace the builder's sand with the soil mixture for the blackberries?? PLEASE, if someone could help, I'd appreciate it.

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