Newly planted fruit trees

nufdawgSeptember 30, 2013

I recently planted the following 5 gallon fruit trees : a semidwarf haas avocado, loquat, eureka lemon, moro blood orange, black mission fig and a passion fruit vine. I have had them in the ground for 7 day. I have good soil and amended a little with compost. I have been watering each tree with1.5 gallons a day and I will now switch over to every 3 days. I have planted all these trees in a very sunny location with no shade. I have mulched each tree , staying about 3-4 inches from the roots. A few observations : 1) the loquat and avocado trees have had a few leaves drop
2) the eureka lemon seems to be yellowing a bit
3) the blood orange has quite a bit of new growth
4) the fig seems to be have not changed much
5) the passion fruit is also yellowing and has a few bug bites in its leaves

My question is are these normal growth signs for newly planted trees or is my watering and the consant sun having an effect on these baby trees ? I live in the Pomona area

thanks !

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I think you answered you own questions. You were watering too much at first (daily for inground tree is too much unless you planted during some 100 degree heat wave).

Also, the plants can have transplant shock, not surprising to see some leaf drop. I've have two Guavas totally drop their leaves upon planting only to regrow them over a few weeks time.

Fig won't grow much it's going dormant soon. The others are evergreen.

Passionfruit is a vine, you'll need something for it to climb (trellis, chain link fence, etc)

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