King of the North Grape undersized fruits

rootman(zone 5/6 W.PA)September 29, 2011

This is the second year in the garden and the first year for my KIng of the North grape vine to produce. It is emormous, currently 30 ft. across (but not after it gets proper pruning this coming spring!). I had an abundant rainfall this year along with lots of sunny days. The vine is growing under what I would call ideal conditions.

It produced about 12 lbs. of grapes which surprised me for only its second year in the ground, having a very sweet and full flavor. However, the standard sized Concord type grape vine bunches were full of small sized individual grapes each about 2/3 to 1/2 the size of other Concord type grapes I have seen. All clusters had consistently small sized grapes on clusters that were normal sized so that there were wide gaps betweem the individual grapes

Is this a trait of King Of The North, its young age, or some other factor? I suspect soil that is too fertile, or too much water?

Strangely, this year, as if in competition with me, my brother planted an un-named Concord type purple grape which produced 4 full clusters. His grapes were nice sized, about marble sized each in tight, normal sized clusters. His growing conditions seemed to be about the same as mine.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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King of the North is a variety I'm thinking about trying here in the UK, it sounds very promising.
King of the North is part Vitis riparia and according to Lon Rombough the small berry size is dominant in Vitis riparia and hybrids from it. From what I've read about King of the North, the berries are described as 'small to medium'.

You could probably make the fruits a bit larger by girdling or using gibberelic acid, but I don't think they're really techniques for home growers.
A simpler method is to thin some of the crop - if you remove some clusters before the begin to develop, then what remains will be slightly larger in size.

I know this is an old thread, but if you read this, let me know how King of the North did for you.

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