Banana plant in zone 8

itheweathermanSeptember 18, 2013

Has anyone successfully grown a banana plant in zone 8b?

I bought one a few weeks ago, so I hope it survives the Mojave Desert weather, I'll bring it indoors when winter comes and then take it out when spring arrives.

I'll probably plant it in a 10 gallon pot. I hope it sets fruits some day; this is dwarf banana plant.

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That looks like a musa acuminata of some sort. IF it isnt a cavendesh then the fruits will have seeds.

In zone 8 you could try protecting it like most people protect musa basjoo. When the cold starts to kill off the leaves cut it down to a 2 or 3 foot stump make a cage a foot across and fill it with leaves. You could just leave it and mulch the ground really well and it should come back....

Either way I wouldnt plant it right now. They do really well indoors in a south facing window, and i would recommend that for this winter...

IF youre looking for an edible banana for your zone you may think of trying Musa "helens hybrid". IF youre growing for looks then there are about 10 kinds that should be hardy, 3 or 4 shouldnt need protection there.

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