Hardy Kiwi in a container?

bullet08(7)October 28, 2012

i'm new to hardy kiwi. i just got 4 very very small plants from hirt's garden. they are very small, but healthy. i have anna female, meader male, and arctic beauty male and female.

i have read that hardy kiwi needs to use trellis and plant in ground.

however, if there are any possible way to grow them in continer, i would rather grow them in container. maybe in 20 gal container with support and round ring on top to have the vain drapped over the side. is that possible? i'm not looking for big crop. i just want enough to taste.

i'm more into figs and have too many fig trees to care for. but i want to try kiwi in small scale.

don't have much of space for anything else.

might consider mango next.



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Hi Pete,
my brother purchased one plant of "Issai" this year. it was potted in a 20cm vase, and was 60cm tall and full of flowers. it has produced about 30 ripe fruits, and still in the same pot. (Issai is self fertile).
So, do try and good luck!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I haven't had the hardy kiwi but have grown most everything else in pots 15 gal and smaller. So yours should work at that size. I have done the trellis thing in a pot. For Kiwi the trellis would need to be pretty sturdy. I can visualize one with 3-4 legs and a circle about 4ft up.

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thanks guys. i think i'll try it next spring. have 4 hardy kiwi that i just purchased. if they survive the winter, they will go in bigger pot to grow and when they are tall enough, will go into 20 gal pot with support and a circle.

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btw Anna and 49er are in my opinion much better tasting than the rest. Issai tastes the most eh to me and is only partially self fertile. Also males can pollinate several females and the male can be kept small since it won't bear you fruit.

also will need very strong support, think3x strength of grape vines.

good luck and enjoy the potted adventure!

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