Mystery apple tree

johnthecookOctober 24, 2013

I bought a Macintosh tree from a local nursery and it's not a Mac. It seems to be just ripening now, it's a medium apple, round and seems to get pretty dark red, it's hard and does have a good tart sweet taste to it. The tree seems to be a slow grower with a lot of branching coming out of it. A very healthy looking tree. Any help would be appreciated.

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I should add that the apple spur growth on it is really crazy with thick multiple spurs coming out of it.

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megamav(5a - NY)

Considering the season, color, and sweet/tart it sounds like Winesap or Stayman Winesap.

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Looks like it.

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Yup- if it's a good keeper you've probably got a Winesap, which I prefer over Mac. But WS need a pretty long growing season, and it's not clear what zone you're in. If it's not a good keeper and matured midseason it could conceivably be a Liberty, which looks very much like your picture and is sometimes confused with Macs.

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I have three Liberty one right next to this tree, they matured close to a month ago. I have a Winesap that should give me apples next year so I can use it to figure out if that's what I have. I live on the Cape in Massachusetts. Zone 6ish.

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Just picked my Winesap apples and tried one. The seeds were black but the fruit is nowhere near ready. My thinking is that this is one of those old storage apples that may also be good out of hand if caught at the right time. (Of course, my experience is limited- I had a "crop" of two, count 'em, 2, apples!)

Sure seems like the more you know, the more you know how much you don't know, ay?

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mes111(5b -Purling NY & 7b -Nassau County NY)

I think that Einstein, responding to someone who said he was really smart, said...
" If I knew 1% of what I don't know, then I would be smart".

So.... I guess I am an Einstein [as far as apples go :) ]


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