kiwi sex identification ?

japusOctober 20, 2012

A number of years ago I planted a kiwi close to my deck, it didn't do well. after a few years I removed it.

Not wanting to toss it I planted it out in the back yard next to a fence.

Within a couple of years that little plant went wild, the nicest plant I have in the yard.

It does not grow flowers and I m wondering if there is a way of telling what sex it is ?

Our local garden center only has male plants.

I have images of a male and female kiwi flowers, so I know what they look like.

Am I able to identify them without a flower ?

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Short of a home DNA test kit, no. Pruning may help encourage it to flower.

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Kiwi take up to five years to flower. I had one kiwi vine die in the first season and four were left. The male died and there was no pollination. I waited two more years to have male grafts flower. I have a large beautiful trellised vine and I don't like the fruit that much. I am cutting it all back and grafting fuzzy kiwi onto the hardy vine in the spring. Kiwi grafts are very vigorous you might want to try it. Email me if you are interested in cuttings male and female.

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