Planting with the graft below the soil level

infiniteohmsOctober 18, 2013

I have a few medlar trees i grafted this spring that i am planting out to their final positions this fall (or may be next spring). They are grafted to pear rootstock about 12" up off the ground, that's just where the scion/rootstock had their best size match. Normally I avoid planting above the root flare and ridicule others for "volcano mulching", but maybe this is a special case? Someone on this board recommended planting with the graft under ground so the scion can grow its own roots in case of long term graft incompatibility. I'd love to get some second opinions, I'd like to have long lived trees, but I only have one of each cultivar, so i don't want to take to many risks.

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Why did you graft them, instead of planting the medlars on their own roots? Whatever reason you had, it could be negated by planting so deep. Only you can make that call.

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I actually tried to root some cuttings, but not a single one rooted (from what i have read they are very difficult to root).

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I wonder if that means they wouldn't root when planted. But I see no reason not to try it.

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