To grow strawberries or not grow?

Maxim1122October 11, 2013

Hello, I have a backyard with 1 raised bed (All I could fit), And I need to start planting things. So what I planned is in the middle I would plant few strawberries since I have one growing in a container that is desperate to move. and along the sides of the bed I thought I would plant some annual herbs and vegetables (Spinach, squash and coriander for the winter, and tomatoes, eggplants and basil for summer). And I thought that strawberries produce quite a small quantity of fruit every season (I have a ever-bearing variety) and take quite a lot of space, it's not worth putting it in a raised bed. Should I grow few strawberries in a large container or not even bother growing strawberries for that small amount of space? Also one more question, I'm growing borage in a container to. I've heard that it's one of the best companion plants. what are the advantages that borage plant gives you?

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I realize you did not ask about my garden; but I can't resist. I have a quite a number of different plants in my normal sized yard/garden. I grow fruit trees where there is room and have mulched around trees. In two different places, I planted strawberries in the mulch and they thrive! Last year was the first year and I harvested a couple of gallons. Should be more this year. I also have a raised garden bed about 18 feet long and five feet across, shaped like a kidney. I planted a goji berry bush in each end and six artichoke plants down the center. I will have to winterize the artichokes here in N. VA or they cannot be grown as a perenial. I plan to use the square foot gardening technique between the artichokes and along the edges of the bed. That means that I will plant such plants as letuce and radishes that mature early. Once the artichokes grow large and take over the space between and around the artichokes, the early producers will be mature and harvested. I also have a 10 foot by 20 foot garden space where I plant normal garden plants such as tomatoes, beans, greens, sweet peppers, and eggplant. Around 3/4 of my house is landscaped. Among the landscape plants, such as azeleas (sp), herbs and flowers, I strategically plant tomatoes, egg plant and sweet peppers. I also have bush cherries growing there. Along the back of my house I have a large rock/cement patio with a pergola. I have planted kiwis to run up the pergola. I will attach a picture. I grow hot peppers and figs in pots. So in summary, next year I should harvest a little - peaches, figs, plums, asian pears, persimmons, cherries, strawberries and the garden plants I mentioned. Oh, I have never grown borage.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Welcome Maxim to the GardenWeb. As a brand new member it would help those responding to your posts to know you garden in Israel. You can edit your name to remove 'none' and add Israel. Al

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Borage strengthens resistance to insects and disease for strawberries, but I bet no case studies have been done to prove it. It also attracts beneficial insects. Which I'm pretty sure it does do.
I would not just plant one strawberry plant though. Not enough, and yeah the runners will spread over eveything else for sure.
I have 3 4x4 beds each with one blueberry in the middle. The borders are strawberry plants. They keep trying to fill the bed, so i trim them away from the blueberry plant. The blueberries are small but growing fast. After next season the strawberries will be removed from the beds. This year the strawberries produced enough runners to fill a new 8x12 bed. It looks like I didn't even remove any runners so many grew.

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Wow CharlieBoring your garden looks stunning! I can't wait to move in a couple years for a brand new backyard, I plan to plant a lot of similar fruit trees and plants you have... For now, my fruit supply runs on dwarf fruit trees lol.

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Hey Drew51,
I have an ever-bearing variety, so it doesn't produce a lot (or possibly none) of runners. I'm afraid that if I'm going to occupy that place by strawberries (a little space is a lot for my garden), they're not going to produce a lot. One of the reasons I think this way is, when my strawberry grew in a container, It produced lots of flowers, but only 40% of them turned into fruit, and the other ones dried on the plant. I think it's because of the weather here, or am I wrong? Is it a disease?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Maxim, the weather sounds right, but who knows? I guess since you have it, might as well keep it alive.

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