Blackberry soil requirements

bj_delo(6/7)October 5, 2011

I am getting ready to transplant some Prime-Jim, Prime-Jan, and Kiowa blackberries in a few months. I was wondering if there was any specific soil amendments that you all have had success with for blackberries. We have moderately heavy soils here that need work for any type of crop, but I was just curious about blackberries. I have some blueberries that I have had success with in the same location.



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BJ, Blackberries are pretty hardy plants and should do just fine in that location. If blueberries did well there, the organic matter is probably good, but the ph may be a little low. A little lime will elevate it to a level more suitable for blackberries--between 5.5 and 6.5. I wish you success with your Jims and Jans. I find they don't set fruit in hot weather, nor am I impressed with their productivity or flavor. Their erect habit is nice, but I hate fighting thorns.

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Thanks for the information. I still have the blueberries, but this is just in another section of the plot. There has not been anything directly on this ground since I've owned it.

For the Prime Jim/Jan- I have heard other people say that about them as well, but there is a grower in my area that has them and they are some of the best berries I've tasted. I hope I can produce berries as well he can. What other varieties do you have that are pretty high on your list?

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Triple Crown is by far the best berry for me in all categories, but they do require a hefty trellis and a lot of pruning. I started out with Black Satin and Chester and still like them. To me Black Satin is a really underrated berry--vigorous, erect and manageable, great size and taste, and reliable. Natchez makes a large berry of good taste, but I haven't had much production from them. Jims and Jans have been disappointing pretty much in all categories. I'm giving them one more year and then yanking them.

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Give some thought to the U. of Arkansas thornless blackberries, too. I really have liked our Kiowa, Oauchita, and Arapaho.

No thorns is nice, no trellis necessary, and these don't spread as vigorously as some others do.

Here is a link that might be useful: DallasFruitGrower

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DFG- Do you not have a trellis on any of those? I know that Arapaho does well without one, but I have heard from several people that the Kiowas need one. What is your opinion on the flavor for Arapaho and Oauchita? I don't have any experience with either one of those.

Brookw- Where did you order your Black Satins from? Or where do you order most of your stock from? I am still fairly new to the berry world.

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BJ, the Black Satins were a gift from a friend. However, I believe Gurneys carries them. I order a lot of different berries from a lot of different companies. Pense and Simmons out of Ark offer some great plants as do Nourse, Indiana Berry, and Burnt Ridge Nursery. Doyle out of Indiana also has a very prolific berry, but you don't hear it mentioned much anymore. I'm with DFG on giving the erect thornless varieties a try. I probably wouldn't have to, but I do trellis my Satins just to make working around them easier.

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I also order from Berries Unlimited all virus indexed and tissue cultured plants. Stark Bros is good as well. Have had some dang good plants from as far as my raspberries are concerned as well. Just a few spots to check out.

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