stark early white giant peach

grape-2006October 11, 2013

how does the stark early white giant peach trees preform? Do these peaches get up to one pound?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I bought this peach tree from Starkbros in 1996 at my previous resident. It was a beautiful tree with full of large peaches every year even though I did not thin it. I was new to fruit trees back then. The taste was a little bland due to over watering. Fruitnut was not around to remind me not to over water it (-: !!!


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alan haigh

I think they may be bland no matter how you water them. I suspect Manon may be a better early white. I managed SEG for several years at one site and the visuals were always far more impressive than the flavor. Manon can really get up the sugar for an early white. Big too.

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