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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)October 23, 2008

Last weekend I attended a Fruit tasting festival in Lancaster, Pa. While it was mostly apples, a few people brought some interesting fruit. I took Jujube and Figs. A grower from Maryland brought Persimmon and Kiwi.

Here are some of the persimmons that were available.

One of the Persimmon he grows is Yama Gaki which caught my attention with it's bright red color and the texture. It has an excellent flavor. It reminds me of the Chocolate persimmon with the brownish pulp color. It has a couple seeds.

Yama Gaki is an Astringent variety, when it's fully ripe it changes color to the dark red. It doesn't get too soft even when fully ripe it retains a nice texture.

Yama Gaki

I asked him if I can get some cuttings, he doesn't want to bother with mailing anything, instead asked me to drive down and get cuttings. It's about 3 hours drive for me.

I couldn't find any info on the Yama Gaki other then it means "Mountain Persimmon" in Japanese.

All of these Persimmon seem to be Hardy and productive in zone 6 in Maryland.


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german_figfriend(7b / 8a)

Yama Gaki is the Japanese name for the wild persimmon Diospyros kaki sylvestris. It seems to be the ancestral persimmon, the forefather of all the well known varieties.
But I doubt it will be self-fertile, maybe it produces male and female flowers like the chocolate persimmon.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Yama Gaki tastes excellent for a wild Persimmon. I can't comment on the pollination, the ones I tasted were seeded which mean they were pollinated.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Bass, Reich calls that variety mediocre in his book. He also classifies it as PVA, an uncommon type. The one you show above is dark which means it got pollinated. Maybe he didn't have his pollinated so thats why he doesn't have a high opinion of it. It is also in the Edible Landscaping catalog pictured and it is not dark there either.


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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

I have YamaGaki--I'd be glad to send you some scion wood in the early Spring if you'd like. It came from Edible Landscaping originally. Unfortunately, it hasn't fruited (not even flowered) for me yet, so I've never tasted it. Incidently the Hardy Chicago fig you sent me a couple years back has grown well and I've started a few D. lotus from the seed you sent.
Scott, I grafted the 20th century and Maru persimmons you sent in Spring 2007 to a small potted American and they both actually flowered and set fruit--two 20th centurys and 3 Marus. Not quite ripe yet, though. It really is strange to see such a small potted persimmon with fruit on it. Did you graft these two for yourself? I'm wondering about the Maru, since it appears small and round--not like the description in the Pomona article.
A local (zone 6) friend gave me several not-yet-ripe persimmons from his tree. He doesn't know what variety it is, but I definitely plan to get some wood from it. They're shaped like Fuyu--flat with four lobes--but are about the largest persimmons I've seen. One is 3 in in diameter and 7.8 oz.

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