Peach Tree Fruiting/Flowering in October?

AlanimOctober 14, 2013

I'm currently visiting my grandmother to help around the yard, and I noticed that her peach tree(not sure of the variety) is producing fruit and flowering.

its always produced smallish fruit compared to store bought peaches but I assumed that's because no one has really taken care of it all too well. I'm also unsure if they've ever eaten any of the fruit before because the peaches "never got big enough"

As far as I could find by searching online this is pretty far out of season for peaches to be growing?

Is this normal, or is something wrong with the tree.

Also are the chances of these fruits ripening good/bad?

Any information on this would be appreciated.

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My trees are doing the same thing. The weather has been so weird this year it has the trees messed up. All my pear trees are in full bloom right now and my peach, nectarine, and apples are all blooming and putting on fruit. They will all fall off when the weather gets cooler though.

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Well that does explain it, thanks for the reply.

Hopefully they'll have enough time to get bigger and ripen up, before it gets too cold, seems unlikely though.

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