Harvest done - Enterprise apple

ltiltonOctober 3, 2012

I try to leave the Enterprise on the tree till frost, but the squirrels were eying it now that all the other fruit was picked. They'll gnaw through the bags.

But it at least was October and the fruit said it was ready to be picked. There weren't many apples - all the apples have been sparse this year. But the ones I did get are definitely the best Enterprise I've had yet. Most were HUGE apples, very crisp and hard - that's per usual. There was real sweetness in them, and the skins weren't so tough and disagreeable as they've been in the past. They have a bloom on them like plums. I wonder if that's from the bagging, though I've never seen it on other bagged apples.

So I'm beginning to be glad I planted this one. They'll keep after the early apples have gone mushy.

Still looking forward to when the Fuji starts bearing, though.

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This is interesting. I too have an Enterprise, but this year and last has only had one apple a year! The tree has only been here for two years, so I count that as luck. It is very red, but small. I always thought it was a large apple as you describe. It is nowhere the size of my Pristine. Can't wait for next year. So it's fine to pick it? Its still on the tree. Thanks Mrs. G

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You only have the one? Obviously storage isn't an issue, then, so you might as well see if it seems ripe to pick.

I wasn't really surprised to find mine ripe, as everything has ripened early this year.

But it's definitely a leave-to-last kind of apple.

Mine actually had a dozen more fruits last year than this. Only the lower scaffolds bore fruit this year. It was one of the younger trees I watered during the drought, so I hope it'll do better in 2013 and get some fruit higher up.

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I picked the Enterprise and seven of my seven Jonagold apples. The color of the Enterprise is beautiful, such a deep red. All of the apples were ready for picking. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Mrs. G

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Did your Enterprise have a plum-like bloom on the skin?

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My enterprise is still pretty green. I have ten on my tree thats been in the ground for a year. Seems weird your allready picking yours.

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Its a very nice dark red. Mrs. G

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Enterprise is red a long long time before it's ripe. I'd start to think maybe you got the wrong tree.

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Okay I bought the tree from Starks in a three tree disease resistant package. I got a Enterprise,Jonafree and a Goldrush. I went out and picked one of the apples it came off easy. The apple is green with a little spotted russeting on it. It's a hard crunchy apple with sweet and tart taste to it.

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Starks, huh. Starks sent me a Seckel pear when I ordered a Honeysweet. The apple you describe doesn't sound like any of those you ordered, but it might be the Goldrush.

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