Spacing Medlars grafted to Pyrus (pear) Rootstock.

infiniteohmsOctober 7, 2013

I have 3 medlars that i grafted to pear rootstock this spring. I wouldn't have chosen pear, but its all i had on hand when i received medlar scions that where leafing out already. The cultivars are "breda giant" "royal" and "nottingham".

So I was thinking of moving them out of nursery to their final locations this fall, but i am unsure of how wide to space them. Tight is better for me (as i am quickly running out of space for trees), but i have sandy soil so i don't want to crowd the trees to the point where they wont do well enough to produce well.

Also, is would spring transplantation to fall prepared site be a better idea?

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If you are tight on space then plant them 5-6 feet apart. Annual prunning for cross branches as needed.

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Medlars behave strangely when pruned. The new growth, instead of setting off at a narrow angle to the branch tends to turn at a right angle and the tree acquires a bizarre habit with branches going off in all directions. Not an easy subject to keep neat.

I'm wondering what use you're going to find for three tree's worth of Medlars. I've tried with my Large Russian but now I just look at the fruit and enjoy the flowers, fruit and foliage as an ornamental.

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I have a (very) small nursery business specializing in unusual edibles, so i want to have multiple cultivars for easy scionwood acces, and to see firsthand how they do in my climate. Plus i sell some stuff to the local food co-op, so if i ever have more then i can deal with i should be able to sell it.

I may go for a 10-12' Spacing and hope for the best with long term pruning, if stuff gets crazy i can always graft onto a more dwarfing rootstock and start again.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I would plant with the scion below the ground in case there is some long term graft incompatibility. Quince or hawthorn are the usual recommendations for medlar.


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Interesting idea scott, I have never done that before, they are grafted about 1' up the pear rootstock (just where the best size match happened to be), Is it still ok to plant them that deep? I usually avoid planting deeper then the natural depth like the plague.

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