help!!! moles and voles

strawberryjohnjohnOctober 9, 2012

Someone has to have some way of getting rid of the moles and voles in my organic garden. They are overwelming my strawberries, blueberries and vegetable garden. I have tried wind mills, electronics, traps, and water. I just find more and more damage. This year alone I lost 75% of my crops to them. HELP!!!!

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You need a cat. I don't own one but there are three in our area that love the orchard and berry patches. I get upset when they get a bird, but I haven't seen a mouse or vole in a very long time.

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an outside cat or cats. housepet cats are too spoiled and often do not hunt at all.

give them good shelter (I use a rubbermaid tub with a blanket and pet heater) and a modest amount of food and you will regularly see them with rodents in their mouth. if they really like you sometimes they'll leave the dead rodents on your porch as a present.

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alan haigh

You can try different kinds of traps such as zappers but trapping should work if you are persistent. Some years it can be very difficult, but if you have to set 50 traps or more, so be it. I am about to order plastic traps from Gemplers which I set with peanuts or almonds under large trays (the kind used for mixing small batches of concrete). I protect about 3 acres of nursery this way with good success. I'll be moving around 10 trays and 40 traps until the first heavy snow.

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I use aluminophosphid tablets; I don't know if that is actually organic or not, but it sure drives the little buggers away.

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My cat keeps all the rodents at bay.

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Johnmerr, what are those tablets? I tried googling them , but what came up was PHd lingo on catalytic seives.

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