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david52_gwOctober 2, 2012

Mama bear and two cubs were spotted in the 'hood. I thought it prudent to pick about a bushel of apples before they were ripe. The came off the tree with just a touch, but they're still pretty tasteless and starchy -

My idea is to hang them outside in a protected area in old onion bags so that the temperature will mimic what is normally happening, lows in the mid-30's, highs in the low 70's,. and hope they continue to ripen. We have a light frost forecast for later this week, and I'll leave them out for that as well.

Any ideas on how to ripen them up?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

They'll ripen up most any place. Just don't allow them to freeze too hard. Any kind of freezing isn't really any better than 40s and 50s. Also some varieties will shrivel unless you hold some humidity around the fruit.

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The only fruit I pick up green is the pears to really has good tasting fruit it has to be ripe on the tree. for example figs tasts like rubber if picked early.

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Thanks for the advice - I'll keep them from freezing.

This is an old orchard area, and the general folklore/consensus is to leave all the apples - no matter the variety - on the trees until mid-late October, after several frosts. I have to say, they sure taste good when you do that.

In my case, however, if I left them all until mid-October, the birds would have finished them off, let alone the raccoons and bears, and I'd have the produce from a dozen trees to deal with at once. So I try to pick them when they come off the tree easily, have decent flavor (but still nothing close to an October, frost-kissed flavor) and then process them into frozen slices, dried, sauce, etc.

Its just this unknown variety that won't cooperate. Unknown because when I planted all the trees ten years ago, I labeled them with copper tags. Then a year later, found all the tags serving in my daughters' doll house.

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