spraying peach trees against leaf curl

PeterS1938October 17, 2013

I have been advised to spray the trees with a fungacide at leaf fall,does this mean when all leaves have dropped or as they are dropping?

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Hi, I start my first copper spray for plc around Thanksgiving. Most of the leaves are gone by then. (they are dropped). You want to spray the pruned limbs not this years leaves. Mrs. G

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Yes, I also spray around Thanksgiving, and then also around Valentines day when the buds swell

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Daconil (chlorothalanil) is also recommended for controlling leaf curl. The product should be labeled with the best times to spray for control of leaf curl.

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In addition to your dormant spraying...make sure you clean up the ground around the tree during winter. Disease nests over-winter in peach seeds, culls, and leaves.

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Thanks for the advice its much appreciated.

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