Black Peaches in Paris

mrsg47(7)October 19, 2013

I am so sorry I didn't photograph these black peaches while in France. I bought four of them but only ate one, actually only part of one. The peach looked so dark red it was almost black (on the outside with fuzz). The inside of the peach was totally deep red and delicious looking. Much to my surprise it was as bitter as can be with only a very light hint of sugar. I thought of bringing back the pits but decided against it. This was the peach I was looking for in the US. It was totally ripe and juicy. What a surprise. Scott mentioned that he has one of these peach trees. Scott are your black peaches bitter? I did return with chestnuts and hazelnuts, however. They will be good to eat. Mrs. G

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I believe that they are Pamela peaches, they were developed in Spain by PSB producion vegetal.

Here is the Link, (It's in Spanish);novedad=0

then click melocoton (peach)

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Here is list of the translated names of the fruits---from the Spanish website:

Nectarinas: Nectarines.

Melocotones: Peaches.

Melocotones chatos: Flat Peaches.

Albaricoques: Apricots.

Pavias: ???? I never heard of that fruit before, the foliage looks like a peach. It could be a peach hybrid?

Nectarinas chatas: Flat nectarines.

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Theweatherman,I looked up the 'Pamela' peach and it has white flesh. The peaches I'm talking about were probably from Spain, however the flesh was deep red. Thanks though! Great site.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I don't have any black peaches, only red ones. They are all sweet, some of them like Indian Free are very sweet.

That French peach sounds like it must be a cooking or pickling peach.


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Pavia I believe is a clingstone peach. Words for peach and apricot vary by country/region. You'll also see apricots called melocotones and peaches called duraznos in some places.

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Thanks all, it was a clingstone peach and must have been for cooking or pickling. Its not that it didn't have sugar in its taste, its just that is was predominantly bitter. Very unusual. The best dark red fleshed color I have ever seen. Mrs. G

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