Passion Fruit

TeiteiOctober 23, 2013

This is my 3rd year with passion fruit. This year the tree grew crazy with crazy amounts of bloom and fruit. My problem is, it bloom so late in summer. I have fruits that are still green and like last year, it does not get time to ripe befoire winter gets it Any help !!!!

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What kind of passionfruit? Incarnata or edulis? Either way they need lots of heat to ripen.... Maybe plant the vines next to a south facing wall?

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Can't tell where you are at so I'm not going to guess about climate issues. Perhaps you need to change the timing of your pruning (do you prune?). Pruning at the wrong time may throw off the flowering cycle.

My P. edulis blooms in two flushes, one in late Spring and one in late Summer. Most of the late Summer fruits do not ripen before I prune. It's just the way it goes. If I waited for them before pruning then I might miss the late Spring bloom.

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Here in San Jose the winter is too cold to ripen them. I leave all winter and prune in the spring. I take the unripe fruits and stick in a paper bag when I prune. Most remain inedible but a few will ripen up enough to taste good.

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