Bacterial canker

mrsg47(7)October 25, 2012

Hi all. Just this past week I've noticed a black indentation on a young branch of my Italian prune. It has a hard shellac type 'black' glass-like coating. Looked it up and looks like bacterial canker. I have researched the web to find out there is such a thing as 'canker' paint. Cannot find a product name for it. Also, I already thought all of the sprays I use would prevent anything like bacterial canker, but I guess it hasn't. My current list of sprays:




Monterey Fungi Fighter


Superior oil dormant spray & neem oil

Thanks for your help as always, Mrs. G ps. tend on pruning off that thin branch asap.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Mrs G,
I suspect it may be pseudomonas, but can't be sure. I've received asian and european pear material that after being moist in storage all winter and then shipped have arrived with necrotic cankers. I end up cutting the tree down to a third and try to continue. I also think that ground shipping from the west coast may lead to that effect since it takes so long. Some varieties are more suceptible, but haven't had that problem on plums.
I've read that plums are to be pruned when the sap is flowing as to inhibit infection. Am I right? good luck

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Thanks Noogy! The tree is going on four years old and had its first crop of plums this past summer. I prune my trees in February. (dry, cold weather). Mrs. G

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