orchard pic

mrsg47(7)October 29, 2012

Sorry can't get the hang of this. orchard this past spring. Mrs. G

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

Nice! Hope you don't get too much storm damage.

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No kidding, I'm scared to bits. The wind is now gusting up to 45 mph here and it hasn't gotten started! Mrs. G

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Lovely green color. Those two burning bush really stand out. Beautiful orchard.

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Olympia, the picture was taken in May and those 'red' bushes are Azaleas! I just wanted to post a good photo of the orchard before the hurricane rips it up! The small young trees were blown around like crazy today. I could only get half way down to the orchard and had to turn back. I cannot wait for morning to see what really happened. This was a miserable storm. Mrs. G

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Young trees are usually very flexible. The older the more brittle. Kind of like people :-)

My fruit trees are getting whipped around right now. But, my main worry is the big trees which can take out the power and big chunks of my house.


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franktank232(z5 WI)

Looks great! So cozy and secluded. Are those some sort of arborvitae enclosing your orchard?


Some amazing rainfall totals south of DC... Hopefully everything pulls through.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Looking good, ..even with a sheltered spot this windy,..WOW!
Nice and lush, you must be getting allot of rain,...or do you water?
I've noticed, sometimes a small tree wips around in a storm
because of my deep planting habit and no staking, no roots forming towards the top.

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There must have been a reason to post the picture of my orchard. On the left is a four year old 'Harglow' apricot, which reached approx. 12' tall, as of this morning it is gone! Sickening really. It snapped at the base like a twig. The wind gusts here were up to 80 miles an hour so I am not surprised; I am thrilled I did not lose more trees. I will not buy another apricot as they take too long to produce fruit, and my dear tree was really on its way to producing next year! I will replace it with two other faster growing and fruiting trees. I think I will focus on peaches,(only have three), as I have five plums and four apples. Any suggestions? I think I'll take a visit to the Raintree site and see what catches my eye. And yes they are beautifu (just pruned arborvitae on the left and 12' privet hedge on the right, front and arch to the orchard. It is a very private place to be. My rose garden is in the center of the orchard. A small haven of nature's best. Mrs. G ps, no water in the garden. I hand water the raised beds and roses.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I'm sorry to hear about your apricot. 80mph is extreme, we got nowhere near that down here. I expect the tree had a weak graft union and it snapped there. One of my apples had a similar thing happen to it in a storm a few years ago.


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Thanks Scott. After my initial look at the tree, I just had to walk away today. I'll start dealing with it tomorrow. The snap is low, just about at the graft union. I'll know more tomorrow. How do I avoid this in the future, or don't I? Newport, RI was really smacked hard. The old trees on our main beautiful avenue were hit bad. And what a mess. Branches everywhere and many trees are down. Mrs. G

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

That is very unfortunate, ..hopefully everything else is is fine, trees can be replaced, I see tonight on TV, New York got hit pretty good, going up into Canada, like Toronto.
Did you see this video from someone's backyard,.. the uprooting of a large tree?

I see, you got these trees staked/supported up pretty low on the trunk,...it should go higher, preventing the whipping motion. I like a stake close to the trunk.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Hi Mrs G,
I hope things are getting better there now.Losing one tree doesn't seem real bad compared to some over there.I'm not sure if anyone can prepare enough for an event like that.It might be easier to stop a locomotive running at your house than a hurricane.Again,my wishes for a good recovery. Brady

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Thanks all. Almost all electricity is on. The clean up will continue for two weeks. All day long you hear chain saws cutting up large trees (instead of lawn mowers!). You're right I could have lost more. And Konrad you are so right. I need to move my stakes up higher. Thanks all for your concerns it is most appreciated. By the way, I couldn't resist I ordered two new Apricots, what the heck! Mrs. G

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Good for you Mrs. G! In my climate at least, apricot trees are far more vigorous and precocious than most fruit trees, being second only to the peach. I have one that flowered in it's third year from seed that volunteered. Glad to hear you're OK and only lost one tree.

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Fabacaea, kind words and thanks. Not only did I purchase two new apricots I've also added two new peaches to the this. Will add more Caroline Raspberries too. Trees are still being cut down, removed, pruned, limbed, etal. We now have a nor'easter on the way. Oh brother. The wind took our beautiful fall away. The beautiful color of the leaves is now on the street!

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