Tony 2012 Orchard photos

Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)October 7, 2012

Hi all, even though my Midwest region got hit with the drought but I was able to use the sprinkler system for most of the trees.

My hardy mums are ready for halloween.

Nikita's Gift persimmon

Ichi Kei KI Jiro non-astringent persimmon

Giant Hana Fuyu non-astringent persimmon

NC-10 American persimmon astringent

Meader American persimmon

Multi-grafted American persimmon- Early Golden, Meader, H-120, Geneva Long, WS8-10, 100-43, Knightville.

Sunflower Pawpaw

Mango Pawpaw

Salavatski pomegranate (Russian)

Li Jujubi

Red Baron Peach

Chinese apricot bagged

Donut peach

Olympic Giant Asian Pear

Fig in Pot and over winter in storage shed.

Well, I tried to push the cold hardy limits on some of these trees with winter protection and the help of micro climate by growing close to the wall of the house and on the south side of the house with no north winds. Cheers.


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franktank232(z5 WI)

Nice pad! I see room for at least another 300 trees :)

What kind of donut peach do you grow?

I like the multigrafted kind of tree. I have an apricot with about 9 different buds chipped on which should be interesting to control in the years ahead.

My sister lived in Omaha for nearly 10 years, nice city, great zoo...

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have lot envy! I am in an old neighborhood with huge oaks everywhere, its hard to find sunny spots.

Your fruits look very nice, all that dry weather makes for clean fruits.

I assume the pomegranate is in a pot, its too cold there for it to be outside I would guess.


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Frank, the donut peach is Saturn, white flesh with just right sweetness. I have a lot of grafted Kakis to put on the ground next year.

Scott, the salavatski is in the ground for 3 years now. It is about 2 feet from the brick wall on the south side of the house. I wrapped it up with a tarp with stuffed leafs and shredded use papers for insulation. Same with all my Kakis. A little extra work but the end product is good.


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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Nice place, lots of tall old oaks here so your landscape looks like a sod farm!
Your selections are more on the ornamental exotic side, Ju Jubes, flat peaches, paw paw, pomegranates, oriental persimmon. I am trying more exotic stuff myself, I have planted several varieties of poms, Salavatski had small fruits this season. I just planted three paw paw. I tried paw paw a couple years ago and they are very good underrated fruit. Do you have a long enough season to ripen all those types that you grow?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


This year was so dry and hot. I took most of these pictures about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Every ripen early and harvested. On average the Kakis, and Jujube took the longest to ripen into late October to early November. They hung there without any leafs. Very ornamental.


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Beautiful house and orchard pictures. Thanks for sharing. I am ordering a Nikita's Gift hybrid persimmon and finally I got the chance to see the actual tree.

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tbuch(5a Canadian or 4a USDA)

Beautiful fruit Tony, have you considered posting a walking tour of your orchard to youtube? I think there would be a keen interest for it.

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Tony, somehow I get the sense that these will one day be the "before" pictures with the after pictures showing a big jungle around your house which just seems to happen to some of us here.

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Thanks alot tony! It's great to see someone pushing the boundaries with pomegranate and kakis. My zone is borderline for these, but I am still going the route of protection for the pomegranates, and plan to put some Am. persimmons next spring. I wonder how our growing season compares (I'm near Santa Fe, NM), we just got our first very mild frost this morning.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Tbuch, maybe next summer I will ask my oldest son to help me with the video.

Creek, you are right, sooner or later the persimmons will dot it all over my yard.

FN, Your zone probably close to mine and maybe a little bit on the drier side. I got frost here 2 days ago and now most of the leafs got hit except for the ones close to the south side of the house. I think some astringent and non-astringent kakis and hybrids will do OK in your zone: Saijo, Great wall, Sheng, Kyung Sun Ban Si. Non-astringent like Ichi Kei Ki Jiro, Jiro, and Tam Kam. Hybrids like Rossyanka ,and Nikita's Gift. If you want to grow American persimmon for good taste than Early Golden, Prok, Yates, Wonderful, contessa, and Lehman U-20A, 100-42,43, 45,46,47, WS8-10(biggest size of his varieties).

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