propagating olive trees from cuttings

simmonds(z8a TX)October 11, 2008

I tried to propagate several different cultivars of olives from cuttings and none of them took. I used an automatic mist system and a rooting hormone and they all died. Does any one have any suggestions?

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

auto mist system may actually keep them too wet.
be sure to use the thickest twig/branch you can get of wood that is one year old. do not use the part where leaves are, but the lower thicker portion.
plant at least 4 inches below soil line, and no more than 2 or 3 growth nodes above soil line
plant them on a 30 degree angle, not straight up and down.
the root compound is a good idea, be sure you have powder in direct contact with the nodes that are below soil line.
good luck!

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pezzuti9(z5 PA)

I had an Italian olive tree for seven years and found it very easy to get cuttings to root. I did use rooting hormone. I just cut off short pieces of branches about 10 inches long. Always used the branch ends (terminal bud section). Striped of the leaves that would be below ground in the cup. Placed the cuttings dipped in the rooting hormone in soft potting soil. Never sprayed or covered them. Set them up behind the front brick wall on my patio during the summer months. This wall was exposed to sunlight most of the day. Kept the potting soil moist. For every five started usually had three take. I don't have the tree anymore. A few weeks ago I gave it to a friend of mine who has a hot house. I could never get it to flower even keeping it indoors under lights during the cold season.
Lou NE., PA

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