self-fruitful plum/peach/nectarine recommendation for SF bay area

daggerOctober 2, 2012

Two months ago I tasted super-sweet plums and peaches from a ranch in Modesto, CA (smith ranch?) and I just can't forget the taste. Especially the plum (greenish skin and yellowish flesh.. don't know what kind but it was AWESOME!)

I know the climate in my area is different from Modesto (milder both in Summer and Winter) but I'd like to try a plum/peach/nectarine tree in my yard. Can anyone recommend some of the best ones I can grow in my area (SF Bay area)?

I am looking for self-fruitful plum/peach/nectarine varieties, low chill hours, sweet flavor (the sweeter the better, not a real fan of tartness), and hopefully hardy and less prone to diseases.

I have space for only one tree and it is full-sun.

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Since it's only one tree why don't you get a multi-budded tree and have a few varieties on it. Look for some of Dave Wilsons trees, they are sold all over the bay area, from the big box stores to Summer Winds to the little guys. You can get them off the internet as well. Santa Clara Master Gardeners recommend you plant the tree bare root, in the dormant season (Jan/Feb) and use native soil only, slightly mounded...

Here is a link that might be useful: Dave Wilson Fruit Trees

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