Local Pick Your Own Orchard

mrsg47(7)October 7, 2012

I went to our 'local' pick your own orchard yesterday to have a look at how they were pruning their apple trees. I was shocked to see the 'huge' mess of stinky, rotting apples on the ground. The smell was so bad you could hardly walk between the rows of 'columnar' pruned trees. They do little spraying as you could see the diseases on the fruit and trees. It is a 100 acre farm, not all planted. You walk into their shop and they are selling apples with stickers on them that say 'Gala', "HoneyCrisp' and all of the fine apples they do not grow. They have no cider press and the cider they sell is from Providence, RI. Go figure. I was so disappointed I had to get out of there. Is this common practice among commercial growers? Mrs. G

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alan haigh

Not seen that before, although at farmers markets I see pretend farmers selling imported fruit sometimes. Surprised the rotting apples smelled so badly- they usually convert to vinegar.

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