Blueberries and sun or lack of

jschwayOctober 27, 2012

I planted two blueberry bushes this fall.

My question is: They get very little sun in the fall and winter but lots of sun in the spring and summer.(I think)

Will this hinder their fruit production?

They are on raised beds

Climax and premier

Im in the south and the day temps get in the 30s in the winter and 50 in the fall


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Your bushes will go into dormant soon and the lack of sun won't hurt them.

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Blueberries need full sun, all day, for the best fruit production. However, they will green up and grow OK in less than optimum sunlight, if the soil pH and moisture are correct. Full sun, half-day conditions will still allow considerable fruit production, maybe a quart or two on a 5 year old shrub.

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