help with nut trees

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)October 15, 2012

I currently grow fruits and veggies; I don't have the space to grow fruit/nut trees. Eventually I plan to get a plot of land; I have a plot on a community garden. The plot belongs to me, the land belongs to the city, so I can't make permanent changes.

I am looking for cold hardy nut trees that are quick-to-mature (with harvest). From the research I've done, I've read that nut trees can take 8-10 years before you can get your first harvest.

I've done some research with nut tree varieties (by searching via online nursery/garden stores that specialize in fruit/nut trees) but none of them say how long it takes for the trees to reach full maturity/mature enough to harvest.

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Hazels & chestnuts are probably your best bet for 'early' nut production - could conceivably be getting some nuts in 3-5 years with some of those, if you plant grafted selections.
Even seedling black walnuts usually are producing by 10.
I've had pecans bear within 5-8 years after grafting them - but have 15-yr old pecan seedlings that have not yet begun to produce.
Have some grafted hickories, planted in 1996, that have yet to produce a nut, or even a catkin.

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Will Filberts grow in your zone? You can get nuts in 3-4 years.

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