crows and pecans

instengOctober 7, 2013

Is there any easy way to keep crows from stripping my pecan trees? I have a couple huge old pecan trees and the crows right now are stripping the pecans out of them while they are still green. The ground is covered with pecans they have knocked down. I could shoot them but I am only there on the weekends so during the week they are free to do whatever they want and not be disturbed. Someone said put a owl statue in the tree but it is so big there is no way to get up in the tree to put one up.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Use owl handing from strong string (trout line main cord) green one good get type owl head don't swivel tie string in top head there loop. Take spinning reel throw sinker over limb high as can let sinker pull to ground lay reel down untie sinker tie on cord walk way out from limb so want be so hard pull cord over limb. Once cord over limb lay reel down again tie awl to cord now take other end walk out from limb so want cut into bark and stop. You want to leave owl about 6 to 10 feet below limb so swing and turn this makes look alive to crow a free hanging owl works for about 5 acres circle. I next few days they come by tree every day until give up owl not leaving then stop coming once feeding on tree they dive at tree for few days other feeding location be used. It was fun to watch my trees and crows how well hanging owl works. I stuck one on T post owl never move after week crows land on owl so its waste time mount one on post. Tie loose end cord to tree trunk I tie some up in 1994 one are feel in 2003 after leaves fall it keep crow off property all winter they ground feed on old nuts to,but owl in tree stop that over winter. I have taken large nut throw-ed over limb but some time hold cord go over limb lol and nut in top head not good.

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alan haigh

Strange, I wouldn't think owls would be a threat to crows.

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Crows are exceedingly intelligent and have good recognition of potential threats. I doubt the owl thing has much chance of success.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Owl take big chickens are any thing that roost at night the big owls will take grown chicken he kill it before fly's away with chicken

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I've heard several small-scale corn farmers/growers talk about hanging a dead crow in a field to scare other crows off. I've also heard several variations on the dead crow theme. For instance, I know of a guy that spray painted a dead chicken black and hung it up for a pretend crow. I know another guy that cuts a piece of black plastic in a triangle to very roughly resemble a crow -- that's the premise anyway -- and hangs that up from a stick set at an angle so the piece of plastic can flutter a little.

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I always see crows chasing owls around, so don't see that fake owl thing working, probably find that toy vandalized by them lol

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Try a motion detector connected to a powerful water spray. Crows enter tree; motion detector activates spray for a two second burst. They may learn that it is not a threat, but it is worth a try. It works for other birds and squirrels.

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I would at least shoot them on the weekends you are there - they may learn to stay away.
Crows see color, wear blaze orange when you are there moving around, then put out a dummy with some blaze orange during the week (or at least something with blaze orange on it).

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"I always see crows chasing owls around"

OK, well that actually shows that they worry about owls. That would tell me it would work. I have seen jays chase hawks, and I have seen hawks catching jays. Maybe the behavior is to lure away from nests, females or young birds? I actually never seen a hawk not being chased. Well occasionally sitting somewhere, and when high in the air, but when they come down low, they are chased. The owls too! We have great horned owls around here. Some are huge! Rarely out when you can see them, but I have seen them enough times. Scarily large birds that look headless when dark out. Their neck is as thick as their body, so they kinda look headless.

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I will try to hand a plastic owl from a string in the tree and let it swing. I don't have any problems with squirrels since my cats keep them away. If the crows would leave the pecans alone until the were ripe I would have plenty to share with them but they are knocking them down while they are still green. I have found them over 100 yards away from the tree where they carry them and drop them because they are not ready.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Dalen OW6 is one for pecan trees the swivel head type for garden and my peach trees. It may interest to read some of reviews. I think song birds that don't work on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Owls for pecan trees

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Hey guys! If gator has tried this and it worked successfully for him, why knock it until you try it? My dad has two pecan trees in CA that are plagued by crows, so I think we will give the owl a try. Northwoodswis

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

It worded my 1800 Pecantrees, I tried propane gun that work but only if Bang 25 minutes apart 5 to 10 minutes crows come in close to gun it work circle about 3 acres. 3 owls worked on 14 acres Pawnee and Forkett Pecan trees. All owls needs to be on long cord so swing and turn in light breeze this stops moving them every few days. During winter when cold crows feed on ground in Orchard Owls stop that to, but pretty young fox feed on nuts in winter at night I used night vision scope and watch feed until arm get tired holding thing up I saw in day time way no color with night vision scope you don't see color.

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