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brittneyt2(6b)October 15, 2013

Anyone purchased nut trees from I'm looking at buying some American Hazelnut trees and am curious if anyone had success with them. Their price is so much lower than I'm not sure if it's just that the trees are smaller or if the quality isn't as high.

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Quality is probably difficult to obtain when dumpster diving in the back of other nurseries to obtain ones nursery stock, haha someone can correct me if I am wrong about this. But go look at gardenwatchdog, a lot of negatives about getting dead stock. Sending money to arborday is more about a cozy , warm feeling, not the actual product.

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Many years ago before I knew anything about trees and nurseries, I wanted a flowering tree. The only place I knew was Arbor Day so I ordered it. With my order, I got 10 free trees. What a deal!!

I received a skinny tree (2 ft tall) and the free trees were tiny pine trees (about a ft tall). My tree died. I could not remember if it's a Dogwood. The pine trees I gave to someone I know. She said they grew well for her.

I've never ordered a nut tree from Arbor Day and probably will not.

There are several nurseries that sells better quality trees. From the top of my head, Burnt Ridge nursery sells nut trees.

I'm glad you ask before you place your order.

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if you want cheap hazels you might try the Precocious Hazelnut from Oikos, i haven't grown it myself, but i saw a few st a friend's house grow from tiny starts to a 10' fruiting hedge in 3 years. Lots of tasty nuts in only 3 years is hard to come by.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Oikos

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