building rootstock for as.persimmon.

persimmonbob(6b)October 20, 2012

I start seed's now from ripe fruits laying around,about 1" deep. Following spring when seedling starting to grow,i start out with a couple of gallons water with 2 tbs of epsom salt,then a 2glswater mixed with fish/seaweedemulsion about 2 weeks later,then high nitro fert.2 weeks later.

This should make a 6 feet tall tree the first year.The tree must be staked,i use 5feet rebar the first year,no side branches the first and second year,then atach a piece of bamboo for the second year to the rebar for the tree to grow taller.The trick is you should spray the tops starting at petle fall,because the faster your tree grows the more susuptable they are to bugs(Physilla etc)and deseases.You have to spray the tops often because of fast new growth.

The third late spring i will finally graft,in my case i graft at 5 feet, because of deer.

You want to developed a good rootsystem for your new tree to grow faster.

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That is some good growth the first year Bob. I might try it next spring.

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Wow! Perfect timing for this. I'm going to start some D. kaki seeds myself with a plan of creating an espalier of "Saijo". I'll certainly follow your fert. regimen which must work well for you. Maybe I could actually graft in year two if I get enough growth (no deer here to worry about!).

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Steve you might want to grow Giombo's instead, they are bigger and taste better to me.

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Wow! They must be huge based on what I read about them.

Unfortunately I live in an area with heavy marine influence (just a couple of blocks from a bay) and cool, often foggy summers. Raintree Nursery in maritime Washington says that "Saijo" is the only persimmon that ripens reliably for them, so I figure it's my best bet.

It's an experiment for me, that's why I'm "building" my own tree rather than wasting money on something that may not work. It will be interesting to see how the seedlings themselves perform.

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Steve,the rootstock that i use might not work in your area.I do believe they use lotus.I still like to grow Giombo in your area.My Kiung s.b are are about as ripe as Sayo as i write.

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I have a friend about 20 miles south of here with the same kind of soil who has used D. kaki rootstock successfully. You're right, D. lotus is usual for trees from the trade for this area, but we're on dune sand and the tap root from D. kaki will not have any problem there. Also, doing an espalier will keep the thing from blowing over in the wind.

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