Identify apple from Starks

johnthecookOctober 9, 2012

I bought three disease resistant apples in a package from Starks a Jonafree, Enterprise and Goldrush. My problem is the Enterprise turned out to be a green type apple with a blush on it. It looks like a golden delicious so I bought one from the store to compare. The store bought apple tasted like a sweet apple but the one from my tree is much crunchier with much more tart sweet taste too it. Could it be a delicious apple, with just more taste coming right off the tree? Does anyone grow golden delicious with similar taste.

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I have to admit I'm happy with this tree, I was never too happy with the reviews about Enterprise. If it is a delicious apple it's flavor is way above supermarket golden delicious.

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After looking up pictures I think it's a Goldrush apple tree. I think maybe the tags got mixed up because it had the Enterprise tag on it. This apple is really good.

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