'Ruby' persimmon - a winner

shane11October 24, 2012

If anyone is looking for a later ripening american persimmon the variety 'ruby' is a winner. It is very large fruited (the largest I have seen), very productive, and self fertile. I grow many american varieties and 'ruby' is the only one left in my orchard with much fruit. Most all others have been harvested. 'Ruby' is still loaded with fruit and will be into November. Also this variety never has any astringency when it drops from the tree. This cannot be said about some others. It has few seed for its size and the flavor is outstanding being very sweet. Also it seems this variety is not as upright growing as many are, but is more spreading in habit and may be a smaller variety. The fruits are also quite firm and the calyx seems to hang on to the dropped fruit making this an especially good one for anyone interested in selling the fresh fruit. If I could only grow 2 varieties it would be 'ruby' and 'early golden'. Just thought I would share since many here have interest in native persimmons.

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Thanks for the infos. This forum is awesome!

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Shane, it is so nice to read reports on specific varieties - thank you.

Where did you get your Ruby? I am also wondering if it ripens too late for zone 5b.

Mary Kay

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I got my tree from Edible landscaping in VA. I have doubts that it would ripen in zone 5 but I dont really know. You might want to call and ask Michael McConkey at Edible Landscaping to see what he thinks.

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Prok is bigger than Ruby and excellent taste and ripen in september in Zone 5.

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I believe my tree is also from EL. It had fruited the last 3 or 4 years, but none this year - a large pear is outcompeting it for space. This variety has been around a long time - I've seen references to it from early 20th century literature, and if it's the same variety (not just the same name) then that's somewhat of a good testament to its quality. I've found it to be large, about the same size as Yates, and late but I'm still on the fence about its overall quality - I've been waiting for a good productive year to judge it fairly, but looks like I'll need to prune that pear out of the way before that happens.

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

I agree that Ruby is large, good tasting, and a good cropper. However, I will caution anyone in a Northern area or coastal area (I'm in both) that Ruby may not ripen every year. WE have a much sunnier year than average and the Ruby tree is full of unripened fruit with no leaves.

It does have a nice subtle, kind of creamy flavor. Smooth.
John S

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