black tartarian cherry blooming in october?

princesspea(sunset14)October 10, 2013

I have, as the title of my post indicates, a black tartarian cherry tree that has decided to bloom this week- my other cherries are acting normal, starting to color for fall, etc- but this guy has decided its springtime!
What gives? should I do anything?

I live in SF bay area, San Jose to be exact. tree is about three years old. appears healthy in all other regards.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Multiple reports here recently of the same thing. It's fairly common for a few flowers to open. If your tree is covered then your crop next spring might be reduced. But usually it's a small fraction of total blossoms.

No need to do anything.

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Thanks fruitnut. I wont worry then. btw, I love your gardenweb handle :)

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What part of San Jose and what cherries do you have?

I have Van and Utah Giant (near 85/Camden). Next year will be 3rd leaf but they need 700 hours or so of chill. Not sure if we get that much anymore in San Jose...

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I'm your neighbor, at Curtner and Lincoln!
I bet we don't get 700 hours chill. I really don't know what the other types of cherry are, guessing I have something similar to you. I can go check in the morning when its light out. they are multi graft trees from the excellent guy at God's little acre nursery- do you know that place? The dude seems to know everything about the valley. Anyhow this year all branches had cherries, maybe because the winter got that cold this year-

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Yes not to far, probably similar microclimate

I do know that nursery! Went there once but nobody was around to help that I saw.

Black Tartarian is listed as 700 hours by Dave Wilson, however I've seen it at 500 other places. Definitely curious what the other branches are.

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That gods little acre is a great nursery, worth searching around for the guy. It can take a while though, it's just him and the wife working there.
My trees have Van, Bing, and Rainier. Vans are the most productive- I don't know why- but this did used to be stone fruits country.
S SJ is thought to have more chill hours than N or W. E is sure hotter! I work near the base of the hills. My yard is boxed in by neighbors tall garage and other neighbors tall fence- sunny and chilly in winter, way hot and windy in summer.

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The Santa Clara valley used to have plenty of chilling before it was paved over and thousands of houses built. Check with your local county extension service for the chill in your micro climate. Al

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True, even when I was a kid in the 70s it was beautiful in spring with orchards. Hurts to see condo complexes and office parks with names like "cherry orchards"- you know that means it is built over one that got torn down!
At last I live in a 100 year old house. Makes me feel less like a destroyer.
Our neighborhood is windy with high density of tree coverage, and near open water. peaches, apples and cherries do fine here, though the afternoon wind is rough on pollinators- butterflies don't hang around much.
I have lived in other parts of the valley where it really doesn't cool down at night. Lovely in the evening but not if you like growing fruits !

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Yes, all the concrete/asphalt acts as a heat sink. Good to hear your Bing and Van are setting fruit. Those are higher chill than the rainer.

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I have a Vandalay that decided to make a couple flowers now too. It's in it's first year and did not fruit yet. In my case it could be stress since this one had a hard time getting started.

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