When are Fuji apples ripe for picking?

newgen(9 Central California)October 16, 2011

My first year with a "good" yield, all 8 of them! 8-)) Last year, I had 2. You can see in the photos that there's a light blush to the fruits, are they ready? I don't want to pick them early. Thanks,

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They look awfully light yet for Fuji.

A lot depends on the variety. Traditional Fuji is a late apple. But now there are a lot of different Fujis out there - red Fujis, September Fujis, etc. You can't generalize anymore.

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In Phoenix, they're ripe now (October 28th) My four are crunchy with orange flesh. Similar coloration.

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They're sweet and make good eating now, but you should leave at least a couple on the tree until later to see how they change in charachter; you can safely leave them on the tree another month without loss of quality.

Next year the tree will be loaded, and every year after that. You should start pruning to get some light into the middle of the tree, and spray oil soap for those aphids. The suckering is typical of M7 rootstock.


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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

Don't expect Fujis to color up as much in Central California as they would in Washington State.

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I'm in the SF Bay Area, just east of Half Moon Bay.(Warm days - cool moist nights)

I have a tree with Granny Smith and Fuji's. My Fuji's were ripe about 3 weeks ago and my Granny Smith are crisp and balanced between sweet and tart now.

My Empire apple ripened late August.

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