Planting raspberries in fall? (apple tree too!)

grullablue(5)October 12, 2008

Can raspberry plants be bought/planted in the fall or do I need to wait until spring? I'm thinking of something everbearing, like Hertitage rasberries.

I don't know what kind yet, but I'd also like to plant some kind of apple tree in my yard as well. Would this need to wait until spring?



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No, you can plant "containerized" (the industry term for potted) hardy nursery stock right until the ground freezes, as long as you mulch the soil and keep it well watered. Fall is a great time to find bargains -- I picked up 2 apples and 6 peach trees at Lowe's for $3.25 each last week, 75% off. They had "Fall Gold" raspberries as well, would have been $2.50, but I already have a big stand of "Kiwi Gold," a much better fall yellow raspberry, so I didn't need them.

Some mail-order places will ship to zones 6 and warmer for fall planting, including Stark Bros, but don't recommend bare root for planting in colder zones until spring. Most mail order places won't be shipping again until next spring, though.

So yes, if you can find the plants, by all means go ahead and plant them.

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Thanks! I was thinking I might be able to find a few bargains this time of year....probably not as lucky as you though, WOW!
Thanks for the post, I'm a total newbie, but a total fruitaholic who's getting tired of buying it at the store! If, someday, I could have my own orchard, I'd never leave it! =)

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(I just saw your fruitaholic post....didn't see that before! So you understand! When I was a kid.... my mom always put fruit in my Easter basket, because I wouldn't eat half the candy that was in them....I loved Easter...because I always got a fruit basket of my very own! Ahh...memories.....)

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