How to prune quince

savoiu(9A (San Jose))October 14, 2013

Hi, I picked up an Aromatnaya quince from Burnt Ridge nursery. It's been growing well all year but I'm a bit confused about its growth habit.

When I planted it, it was about 4ft tall. It started by growing a few short (3-4 inches) side branches but after that the top took off and it's now at about 10ft high. This despite me heading it at about 8ft around August. Yes, it kept on growing straight up even after that.

Well, pruning season is coming up in a few months and I'm not sure what to do as far as pruning goes. Should I reduce it to 6-7 feet? More? Less?

Any thoughts?


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Hi Nick,
It's called apical dominance and some trees have more of it like Firs that grow up straight,than others that weep.
I'd keep pruning it to the height desired and yes,around late Winter/early Spring. Brady

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savoiu(9A (San Jose))

Thanks Brady. Yeah, I'll probably head it at about 6ft late fall/winter. I was just surprised that even after heading it at 8ft it did not give up. Hopefully second time's the charm.


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